Meet the Maker: Kohl Crecelius, Krochet Kids Intl.

Meet the Maker: Kohl Crecelius, Krochet Kids Intl.

Meet the Maker: Krochet Kids Intl CEO & Co-Founder Kohl Crecelius

Kohl Crecelius

I first came across the Krochet Kids intl brand at at the NY Now Gift show and I immediately fell in love with the brand, the huge impact, and their unique story.
It all began in high school for the three co-founders who learned how to crochet as a way to make unique headwear for their winter sports. Their hats became popular with locals and friends and a newspaper who took notice nicknamed them the "Krochet Kids". Years went by, these friends went their separate ways for college, traveled the world, and each were introduced to the enormous amount of poverty that exists. Reuniting years later, these three young entrepreneurs set a goal to fight poverty and decided to do this by teaching and empowering women in impoverished countries the skill of crochet. Today, Krochet Kids intl is an established non-profit going on 10 years in business and they successfully employ, educate, and mentor over 150 women within Northern Uganda and Peru!
Krochet Kids intl sells headwear for men and women (including the infamous "World's Greatest Beanie"), accessories, bags, clothing, children's items, and more. Each purchase supports their empowerment program and the women they employ. In fact, each piece is hand-signed by the woman who makes it and you can go to the Krochet Kids website to learn more about her story.
To learn more about the Krochet Kids empowerment model, watch this video:


I am a big believer that creative entrepreneurs like the Krochet Kids founders are inspirational and I love to learn more about them! So, I reached out to Kohl Crecelius with some questions and delightfully, he replied. Please read our interview below.

Meet the Maker: Kohl Crecelius, Krochet Kids Intl.

M&G: When did you first realize you were a "Maker" (artist, entrepreneur, creator)?

Kohl: Being an entrepreneur wasn't something I identified as until I was far into our work with Krochet Kids intl.  We didn't start our endeavor to be "entrepreneurs", we started it to meet a real and tangible need for women living in poverty.  However, as I realized the passion I had for entrepreneurship years later, I was able to look back and realize that many of my experiences and interests (prior to starting KK intl.) very much had an entrepreneurial bent to them. 

M&G: What inspires your creativity?

Kohl: So much, but predominantly I would say I am most inspired by friends and people around me who are also pursuing their passions.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by some incredibly talented and committed friends.  

M&G: What is your greatest flaw?

Kohl: Thinking I know more than I actually do.

M&G: What do you want the impact of your work to be? 

Kohl: I want shoppers to think differently about their purchases, by considering the impact they have a the person who made their product. Through this, I want to radically change the livelihoods of families living in poverty, allowing them to lead healthy and productive lives.  

M&G: What is your biggest dream? 

Kohl: The end of global poverty.  

M&G: What is your absolute favorite song? Favorite meal?

Kohl: Madonna, "Like a Prayer". Food = wood fired pizza.       

M&G: Are there any current projects you are working on that you can tell us about?

Kohl: 2017 is the 10 year anniversary for Krochet Kids intl. so we are working hard to create some exciting initiatives to celebrate the history of our work.  Stay tuned!

To shop the Krochet Kids "World Greatest Beanie"  click here

Krochet Kids World's Greatest Beanie





Kroceht Kids Children Headwear

Kroceht Kids Gear Signed by the Woman who makes it

Photos courtesy of Krochet Kids.
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