Scorpio/Sacral Full Moon Ritual by Intuitive Healer Jennifer Schaefer

Scorpio/Sacral Full Moon Ritual by Intuitive Healer Jennifer Schaefer

Full Moons are a beautiful opportunity to hold a ceremony and let go of anything holding you back from being your complete and fulfilled version of your self. Today, we will experience the Scorpio/Sacral Full moon and we asked Jennifer Scheafer, a Cellular Healer (connecting to the cells to awaken them to a higher vibration of balance that creates vital health in the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Functional Nutrition Reflex Analysis Practitioner to guide us through a ritual to make the most of today's full moon.

Scorpio/Sacral Full Moon Ritual


Provided by intuitive healer Jennifer Schaefer

About today's Full Moon

Scorpio’s Full Moon is about letting go of the negative traits or actions of others that have made you feel powerless. Scorpio can be a powerful time to let go of sexual abuse because of the connection to the Sacral energy point that houses our passion, creativity and sensuality. If you have been feeling “unseen” in the magnetism world of a love relationship, now is the time to clear the air and allow the winds of heaven to clear your fears, doubt and wounds from past relationships. 

Scorpio also holds the energy of “true friendships” and this a great time to release resentments, shame and the feeling that you were manipulated by a close relationship. We all have the power to forgive our past and the people that we feel have hurt us. We get to leave the “victim” and become victorious when we tap into our empowerment, strengths and self-mastery traits that live in Scorpio’s energy. Scorpio supports these positive vibrations and by letting go of what blocks you
from them on this Full Moon can bring you closer to your inner strengths to overcome with ease.

Questions to ask yourself before determining what would be most beneficial for you in using this Scorpio full moon for letting go:

- Is there anything blocking you from creating the future you desire?
(power struggle, resentments, shame…)

- How do you feel in sexual situations?
(confident, intimate or fear, embarrassment, remorse…)

- Do you feel excited and passion for your daily life?
(happiness, connection or depressed, no drive…)

You don’t have to stick to one topic, but the more focused you are, the stronger your intention is and the quicker it will disappear and create space for an opening to “plant new seeds” on the next new moon in fourteen days.

On the night of the Scorpio Full Moon you will need:

- Red and Orange Candles (Choose one or both according to what suits your purpose/release). For example, if I was releasing old emotions and fears around being sexually abused and I was also experiencing a disconnect to my passion towards creating my dreams in my career I would burn both candles. If I was feeling impatient with my life, work was slow, felt disconnected to passion and my
creativity, I’d burn the red candle only.

    • Red (deep red to burgundy) - releases negative blocks such as anger, negative sexual energy, guilt, and impatience.
    • Orange - To open and heal your sacral chakra; to open your passion, creativity, growth, sexual magnetism.

- Single Piece of paper (not connected to your journal) and a pen
- Sharpe marker
- Matches, preferred but a lighter will do
- Bowl of water
- Stones and Crystals for Scorpio and the Sacral energy point
- Essential oils, herbs and plant for Scorpio and Sacral energy point

Scorpio/Sacral Full Moon Ritual:

Take your loose piece of paper and pen, write down what negative feelings, traits, dis-eases you are letting go of. You can write down as many as you desire to let go of, remember be truthful and open, no one is going to see this but you and the universe. After writing your list, take a sharpe pen and write on the candle(s) - (if your candle is in a glass container) your desires for new growth now that you have
created space from letting go of negativity. Hold the candle in your right hand and hold it on your heart. Visualize the releasing of negative energies and allow hope to fill your heart. Take the paper that you wrote on and burn it, use the bowl of water to extinguish the flame and let it rest there for three days. (After the three days you will pour the bowl of water outside in a garden or anywhere outside.) After burning the paper, light your candle(s) with the strong intention/feeling of finally being free. Let the candle burn out on its own (for safety, keep in the fireplace, metal sink or away from animal distractions when you are not home, ALWAYS be safe).

*Extra: If you would like you could add Scorpio/Sacral Essential Oils to the top of the candle before burning (poke 4 holes on the sides of the candles with a knife and pour essential oils in the holes. Take your Scorpio/Sacral Crystals/Stones and surround them around your candle and/or wear them throughout the 14 day full moon cycle. Put a Scorpio/Sacral plant near your candle and this will create an “alter experience” which add to more focused energy. Make a tea out of the Scorpio/Sacral herbs after finishing your ritual and feel the positive and healing
vibrations move through your body to help activate and clear stuck
negative emotions, feelings and low vibration.

Scorpio/Sacral - Crystal/Stones:
black obsidian
Snowflake obsidian - less intense than black obsidian
Orange carnelian
Orange adventurine

Scorpio/Sacral - Essential oils
Scorpio/Sacral - Plants and Herbs
ditch lilies
lady’s mantle

To learn more about Jennifer Schaefer, book a healing session with her, or join one of her incredible healing retreats, click here

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