Welcome to Makers & Goods Stories!

Welcome to Makers & Goods Stories!

Julie Skon Makers and Goods

Hello! I am so ridiculously excited to be sitting here with my laptop and a cup of coffee in an empty house (my girls are off to school after us all waking up late, but that is another story for another time) writing this introduction to the STORIES section of Makers & Goods. This past year has been filled with adventurous travel, creative mind-blowing meetings with entrepreneurs, and lessons from makers that have changed my life. Now, I know that the time has come to open up this world of Makers & Goods and share it with you!


The STORIES section of Makers & Goods will include:

  • Stories from the Makers - inside interviews on creativity, business, and giving back.
  • DIY lifestyle articles and videos - learn from the best! Tips & tricks to a more styled, balanced, and creative life.
  • Become a gifting guru - virtually travel to the gift markets and artisan shows with me! You will also have the first dibs on products for all your gifting fun.
  • Come party with me - exclusive Invites to pop-ups and special events.

Also, this is a collaboration. Please email me, introduce yourself and let me know if there is anything specific you would like to learn about. Chances are that I know a maker who can teach us, and if not? I will find one :)

First story coming soon!






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