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There is not a Hint of Mediocrity in you. Charcoal Organic Hand Wash {Babe}

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Organic Charcoal Hand Wash made with all natural ingredients that features "There is Not A Hint of Mediocrity in You"
MAKER: Babe Scrub. Made in Australia and specifically developed to bring balance to your beauty routine by eliminating harmful chemicals found in every day products.
GOODS: An organic hand wash formulated with charcoal, pink grapefruit, and rosemary to cleanse and purify your hands without drying. Used by the ancient Egyptians to help clean wounds, charcoal naturally draws impurities, poisons and toxins out of the body.

Made using organic ingredients and contains NO synthetics, or chemical preservatives.

IMPACT: your purchase supports a small business who truly cares about each element used in the creation of their skin care products.
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