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Original Beer Soap Bar {Damn Handsome Grooming Co}

$ 9.00


Product Details

ORIGINAL BEER SOAP by Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

MAKER: Damn Handsome Grooming Co. | They use recycled goods from craft breweries and use all natural plant ingredients to make grooming products for men. Made in Michigan.

GOODS: The Original Beer Soap is made with vitamin-rich oils, hope and spent grains re-purposed from Michigan Breweries. Each plant based oil was chosen specifically to replenish and refresh hands, body and even faces - and every bar is made by hand in small batches for a true intoxicating artisan experience. Natural, vegan, and handcrafted.

Scent options:

IPA: Grapefruit, Hops & Orange

HOPPY MINT: Peppermint, Hops & Rosemary

IMPACT: For every bar of soap sold, 1 bar is given to someone in need.
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