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LOVE Ritual Box

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A goddess love ritual perfect for Valentine's Day

MAKER: My Rituelle


Aphrodite, Cleopatra, Hathro, Rati, and more love goddesses throughout history and mythology used rituals to invoke the ultimate love for themselves and to receive it from their lovers. When these goddesses found attraction or wanted more passion they would retreat to ceremony bath rituals and use essential oils to induce self-love, which in return attracted love, intimacy, and passion from others. This ritual is designed to cleanse and invigorate your mind and body and to fill it with love so that you may illuminate and magnetize loving relationships. 

Included in the Love Ritual Kit:
  • Renewing Rose Tub Tea with rose petals, Rooibos Tea, and Epsom Salts to soothe your body while in the bath, calm your senses, and surround yourself with love. 
  • Love Intention Candle with aphrodisiac scents. Whether calling in a new love, heightening sensuality with a current love, or celebrating the pure beauty of self love, you will use this candle to set your intention. 
  • Rose Quartz Crystal to promote romantic love, self love, and acceptance while calling upon loving relationships in your life. 
  • Rose Incense to cleanse your space and body before your bath & body ritual.
  • LOVE POTION mood oil exclusively created for My Rituelle by Essential Rose Life to be used on the body to illuminate self love and magnetize passion. 

A Love Ritual Card will be included in each kit

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