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Goddess Facial Exfoliant {Essential Rose Life}

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Goddess Facial Exfoliant

MAKER: Essential Rose Life is founded by Jennifer Rose Goldman. Her triumph over emotional adversity at a young age and the integration of mind body practices into her lifestyle became the foundation of her business. Jennifer's goal is to introduce and educate everyone about the experience of wellness through her teas wellness oils, mists, and exfoliants.


EXPERIENCE: This very gentle soft-grain facial cleanser returns the skin to its natural radiance and is perfect for all skin types.  

INGREDIENTSExfoliating Evaporated Cane Juice (Sucrose), White Clay (Kaolinite), Oat Flour (Avena sativa), Rosehip Seed (Rosa canina) Powder, Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil. Essential oils of Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) and Petitgrain Sur Fleurs (Citrus aurantium var. amara).

RITUAL: Stir naturally separated parts. Scoop with dry fingers. Gently massage in a circular motion into damp face and neck. Use a warm wash cloth to wipe off exfoliating grains. Allow remaining oil to absorb into the skin. Use at least 2-3x weekly. 

*do not allow water into the jar/use in the shower*

3 oz glass jar


-White Clay is the most mild of the clays and great for all skin types.  The powder detoxifies and purifies the skin as it cleanses. 

-Rosehip Seed Powder and Oat Flour soothe and restore inflamed skin and are skin-cellregenerative. 

-Evaporated Cane Juice is very fine grain cane sugar that gently exfoliates without tearing the skin. Non-abrasive. Restores the acidic mantle of the skin.

-Jojoba Seed Oil hydrates and detoxifies the skin.

-Cardamom and Petitgrain Sur Fleurs essential oils tone skin and tighten pores as they boost circulation.

IMPACT: Essential Rose Life is committed to donating 1% of each purchase to StompOut Bullying -- the nation's most influential anti-bullying and cyber-bullying organization -- as the founder, Jennifer, is aware of the severe impact that bullying can have on mental and emotional health. 

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