Uzma: Recycled Cotton Travel Journal Black Tribal Print {Raven + Lily}

$ 10.00 $ 16.00


Product Details

The Goods: A tribal inspired black and white print adorns this eco-friendly travel journal made by women at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India. This journal was made by Women transforming cotton and paper that was once discarded and seen as waste into something purposeful and beautiful. Military tents, denim jeans, newspapers, and cotton rags now find new purpose as the women create paper products from these recycled remnants.
The Maker: Raven + Lily
The Impact: Raven + Lily employ over 1,500 women worldwide. These women were once marginalized because of their gender and poverty and now find passion in their art and hope for their future through their work. This journal supports women in India.
+ 10% of the proceeds from this purchase are donated to special causes and organizations. Please check our Makers blog to see your awesome impact.
Please Contact us to customize this gift and for large quantity orders.
Processing time is typically 2-3 days.

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