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Forest Aromatherapy Meditation Candle

Forest Aromatherapy Meditation Candle

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MAKER: Julie Skon | Founder of MY RITUELLE and Makers & Goods

GOODS: Sometimes we aren't able to get to middle of a forest for all of it's healing benefits, but this candle will transform your senses and your space as if you are there. Designed to be clarifying, uplifting, and invigorating this candle uses the scents of pine, eucalyptus, and herbs for aromatherapy. 

"I designed this candle because I want to feel like I can tap into the senses and scents of a forest, the trees, the nature anytime that I want to. I use this candle in meditation often to relax and go to a place of nature in my mind. It is also a favorite during a hot bath or after a stressful day. It calms my senses and makes me feel like I want to get cozy." - Julie Skon / Designer

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