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Vintage Upcycled Kantha Throw Blanket

Vintage Upcycled Kantha Throw Blanket

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Add a splash of color to your living space with these super soft upcycled one-of-kind vintage Kantha throw blankets. Each blanket is vibrant with hand embroidery of running stitch that combines pieces of cloth. Snuggle up in one, add a statement to your favorite couch or chair, or bring to the beach for a beautiful picnic.

Maker: In Traditional India & Bangladesh most women gather to spend time together and create art in the forms of their work while also generating money for their families. These pieces are sourced from and made in India.

Details: Average Weight of this Kantha: 600-800 grams

Dimension (approx): Width Varies from 55 - 60 inches | Height Varies from 85 - 95 inches.

Vintage pieces usually have some patches covered with alternate designs to make the throw complete.

Goods:  Each purchase supports and encourages Women's Employment and Fair-trade. 

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